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Watch Dr Who on UK BBC TV

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Dr Doctor Who has been on British TV since 1963 - a science fiction fantasy about the adventures of a time travelling time lord, an alien in human shape, who goes by the name of the Doctor.

He travels in his mysterious TARDIS, a telepathic time-and-space-travel machine that looks like an old-fashioned British police telephone box. Watch on BBC One, BBC Three and Available on BBC iPlayer

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The Doctor, now in his 12th incarnation, is played by actor (Pete Capaldi) who is an avid and excitable explorer of the universe.

Despite extreme intelligence, he is often absorbed in examining the minutiae of life and some of the larger events seem to pass him by, but villains bent on destroying or controlling the Earth should beware as he does not miss much.

Doctor Who, although fascinatingly intelligent sometimes trips over himself and ends up walking into things. He loves anything that is different, and always has a strong opinion on what is right and wrong with a determination to do what's right.

He spends most of his days trying to figure out antiquated puzzles whilst fighting monster aliens and saving the world from their devious plans. His dress sense might be a bit quirky, but his tweed and bowtie ensemble works for him.

Doctor Who is now a significant part of British popular culture and a cult classic.

The series ran from 1963 to 1989. The BBC unsuccessfully tried to revive the programme in 1996, but The Doctor remained off screens until reincarnated in 2005 by writer Russell T Davies.

Actor Christopher Eccleston playing the new and ninth Doctor, but left the series suddenly to be replaced by one of the most celebrated Doctors, David Tennant. The series and has since gone from strength to strength. Doctor Who companions

The Doctor always shares his life with at least one, sometimes three companions, and since 1963 more than 35 actors have been featured in these roles.

The first Doctor's companion was his granddaughter Susan Foreman played by (Carole Ann Ford) and her teachers Barbara Wright (Jacqueline Hill) and Ian Chesterton (William Russell).

The Doctor’s latest companion is Clara played by (Jenna-Louise Coleman) a woman of mystery even to people who actually think they know her.

Clara is a plucky barmaid one minutes then a ‘proper’ governess of two well-to-do children the next. So who is she really?

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