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Corporate VPN Solutions

As well as providing 1:1 VPN (Virtual Private Networking) and Proxy solutions, Scothosts Internet can also offer a range of enterprise solutions powered by your own dedicated VPN or Proxy Server.
Branch Connectivity
Connecting your branch offices together is now easier than ever with a fully-managed high speed encrypted VPN or Proxy. We take all the complexities out of managing your own VPN or Proxy, by taking full control of the hardware configuration and maintenance from our core network. We can provide a full solution assessment and assist in planning your network requirements before choosing the most suitable solution.
Remote Working
Many companies now employ staff who operate outside the main office environment, both international and domestic.  Without a VPN or Proxy these staff may be connecting to your corporate network and internal system through ISP’s and personalised system/firewall policies that are not in tandem with your companies security requirements.  Configuring a VPN or Proxy account for all your staff to use when working remotely provides both peace of mind and an added layer of corporate IT security.
Expat Groups & Associations
If you have moved to a country that blocks certain web content by IP address then we can offer you a dedicated VPN or Proxy server located in the country of your choice; complete with a web based control panel.  This technology will allow you to add an unlimited number of users complete with a personalised username and password.  Once connected they will be able to access web pages using an IP address in the country where the VPN or Proxy server is located, rather than the foreign IP address supplied by their local ISP.
Dedicated Server Features
Our corporate service is fully managed and will include the following features:
  • Hardware and Software Configuration (VPN or Proxy)
  • Server Installation (Data Centres – UK, USA, Ireland or Germany)
  • Online Personal Control Panel (Manage User Access Rights)
  • Unique Static IP Address
  • Unlimited Bandwidth*
  • 99.9% Network Up-time
  • 24/7 Network Monitoring
  • Full Training (Administrative Functionality)
  • Telephone Support
Our dedicated server solutions have been tried and tested over several years. Many business customers are now utilising VPN and Proxy for there inter-office connectivity and as such experiencing enhanced connectivity like they’ve never known before.
For more information please contact our sales team who will be delighted to discuss your specific dedicated VPN or Proxy server requirements.