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Facebook, Twitter, Youtube... Proxies for Social Networks

Are you prevented from using Twitter, Facebook or YouTube?

For many people it has become impossible to access their favourite - and sometimes essential - social accounts: more and more countries are trying to prevent free speech and freedom of information, companies are blocking the use of certain sites on their company networks ...

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Why is a Twitter proxy important ?

Twitter recently hit the news as the government in Turkey stated it was blocking the service to all of the country's population. Twitter is an online social networking service that lets users send and read short text messages. Over 400 million tweets are sent every day making Twitter the ideal tool for journalists and other users to spread news quickly about current events and important social issues. In addition to Turkey, Twitter is also banned in China, Korea, Myanmar, Iran, Pakistan, Egypt, Algeria, Belarus ...
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Why you may need a YouTube proxy.

YouTube has rapidly become one of the most popular platforms for sharing videos online. It's mostly used for entertainment, sharing family videos and watching music videos, but it has also become an important tool for people in countries with oppressive regimes to make their voices heard. For this reason it has been banned in Turkey, China, Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia, Tunisia, Eritrea, Bangladesh ...
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And how about a Facebook proxy?

Facebook is one of the biggest and most-used social networks on the Internet. For a lot of people it has replaced the standard e-mail services and is their only means of communication. Facebook is currently banned in Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, China, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Indonesia ... Many companies have also decided to block Facebook and this is the easy solution.

How can a proxy or VPN service help you access Twitter, Facebook and Youtube?

As a leading VPN service provider, our VPN server solutions allow you super-fast, super-reliable access to the internet from anywhere in the world . Our VPN network creates a "tunnel" between you and the service you want to use and we ensure that its security is state-of-the-art, giving you complete freedom and complete privacy!

The best proxy service is now fast, simple, private ... and affordable!

With a range of subscription packages available, we can provide a service to match every budget, and can help you to receive fantastic value for money by keeping our costs low and our quality of service high. Wherever you are based we can connect you to the internet via a secure IP address through our system of servers and here are just some of the advantages:


  • Extremely competitive pricing
  • Access everything you want, including Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and TV, with just one subscription
  • No technical knowledge required
  • It's quick to set up
  • It's completely safe and private


One Subscription gets you access to all our VPN and Proxy products.

More information about accessing Twitter, Facebook and YouTube with a Proxy or VPN

Please select from our range of Proxy Server products below for more information:

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