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Take Me Out

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A flirtatious, tongue-in-cheek dating show where 30 ladies and one man compete for a date. Watch on ITV and on ITV Player
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Take Me Out is presented by comedian and newly dubbed 'King of Dating' Paddy McGuinness, pitting one fearless man against a panel of 30 single women, all vying for a date to the mystical 'Isle of Fernandos'.

Entering the Take Me Out studio via the 'love lift', the man has to make first impressions count as the ladies opt to leave their light on or off - as Paddy says, 'if you're turned off, turn off'.

The male contestant has the chance to impress as more of his personality is revealed each round via video, including a potentially embarrassing interview with his family and friends, as they are roped in to reveal his true self. Mummy's boys, beware!

Throughout the rounds, Paddy reminds the girls 'no likey, no lighty!', and gets their opinions with sometimes hilarious results - including typically 'blonde' moments, blunt opinions, and the downright strange.

The final Take Me Out round showcases a talent - an occasionally cringe-worthy affair as the male contestant shows off a skill live in the studio. Singing, wrestling and acrobatics all feature.

At the end of the game, if he still has lights left on, the power shifts to the man as he gets the chance to whittle it down to just two ladies before picking his final date. The unlucky men have to endure a 'blackout' - signalling rejection from all 30 ladies. His consolation prize; a big Paddy hug.

Each episode we get to see the dates from the previous week to Fernandos - sometimes a disaster, often funny, and occasionally heart warming. Take Me Out is true Saturday night guilty pleasure viewing.

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