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UK Proxy Server or VPN for US Users

Our UK Proxy and UK VPN IP address solutions are perfect for US users who are looking for an affordable and convenient way to access the internet via a UK-based IP address. If you are based in the USA but still want to enjoy the benefits of browsing using a UK IP, we can help.

Whether you have always lived in America or you have recently relocated to the US and want to continue using a UK IP address, the Scothosts Group can provide the solution you are looking for. Our servers are based in the United Kingdom and will allow you to access the internet via a UK IP rather than the one provided by your US Internet Service Provider.

Accessing iPlayer Using a Proxy Server

If you are based in the UK and hold a valid UK TV license, you could use our proxy server to securely and quickly access the best BBC programming through iPlayer. Whether you have missed your favourite show or want to catch up with the series that everyone is talking about, TV can be truly on demand thanks to our Proxy and VPN solutions.

One of the main benefits of using a Proxy are the higher speed data transfer rates that this technology can offer. This will make it much quicker to stream the latest shows and series direct from BBC iPlayer to your computer, tablet or mobile device.

Contact us today for more details about the cost-effective and reliable UK Proxy solutions we can offer which start from an affordable £6.25 per month as part of an annual subscription.