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bbc iplayer on uk tv proxy

BBC iPlayer

Watch BBC iPlayer on the web to catch-up on the past 7 days of content for streaming or download absolutely free of charge, from all BBC TV channels and Radio stations via a uk proxy tv service. Free live streaming (as per shown live in the UK) is also available from iPlayer with BBC ONE, BBC TWO, BBC THREE, BBC FOUR, BBC NEWS, BBC PARLIAMENT, CBBC and CBEEBIES all shown live.

BBC 1 Most Watched Online:

The Apprentice, Casualty, Mrs Browns Boys, Waterloo Road, Antiques Roadshow, Call the Midwife, A Question of Sport, CountryfileThe Voice UK, Dr Who, EastEnders, The Syndicate, Prisoner's Wives, Graham Norton Show, New Tricks, Holby City, Hustle, Masterchef, Have I Got News For You, Sherlock, Match of the Day, National Lottery, Sport Relief, Not Going Out, Strictly Come Dancing, The One Show, Watchdog, Children in Need, Silk, DIY SOS, Mastermind, Inspector Lynley, Comic Relief, Horizon, Arne Dahl, Would I Lie To You?, Pointless

BBC 2 Most Watched Online:

Dragon's Den, University Challenge, The Great British Bake Off, Flog It, Eggheads, Gardeners World, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, QI, Springwatch, Top Gear, Toughest Place to be a..

Product Compatibility: UK ProxyYes UK VPNYes

bbc sport player logo

BBC Sport Player

Watch your favourite sport online anytime, anywhere, as the BBC also show a selection of live sports streaming on the web via the BBC Sport website (UK Web Users Only), live events include 2013 Formula 1 Grand Prix, World Cup Football, US Masters Golf, British Open Golf, Wimbledon Tennis, World Championship Snooker, Grand National, Winter Olympics, World Championship Darts, Carling Cup Football, RBS 6 Nations Rugby plus NFL Superbowl and MotoGP.

Product Compatibility: UK ProxyYes UK VPNYes

itv tv player

ITV Player

Missed your favourite ITV programme? Then don't worry because the ITV Player will probably have it ready to play on-demand, streaming via a uk tv proxy server. The shows are put on the ITV player pretty quickly and are available for 30 days afterwards. Viewers can access the ITV Player via their computer or tablet and iPad as well as various games consoles, such as the PlayStation 3.

What's on the ITV Player?

The ITV player is one of the best around and viewers can enjoy most of the programmes which have been broadcast on ITV1, ITV2, ITV3 and ITV4 as well as the children's channel CITV. Be aware though that not everything that has been broadcast on ITV is available on the streaming player since some shows will have rights restrictions, such as sporting events and live music shows. However, the service does offer the opportunity to rent favourite previously broadcast drama episodes, and while many are free some do carry a small charge. Prices start at 99p with a month's time limit imposed for watching a paid-for episode.

Catch-Up UK TV

As a catch-up service the ITV Player is very good, featuring popular shows like the soaps Coronation Street and Emmerdale. While catch-up programmes on the ITV Player are restricted to a 30-day window, they are free to watch. To ensure a good quality of picture, it is important to note that a fast broadband connection will be required for our uk proxy tv streaming service. However, ITV Player is available for those on the move and can gain access via their mobile phones using a good Wi-Fi connection for streaming as well as 3G and 4G. This is a popular website for viewing ITV programmes and already more than a million people have registered.

Besides the soaps, blockbusting sport, like the World Cup and Champions League are among the big attractions for football lovers eager to keep track of many of the game's top names and teams.

ITV Most Watched online:

Indian Premier League Cricket, Benidorm, Britain's Got Talent, Celebrity Juice, Coronation Street, Emmerdale, FA Cup Football, Jonathan Ross, Downton AbbeyRugby World Cup, Take Me Out, Taggart, The Royal, UEFA Champions League, World Cup Football, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Wild At Heart, You've Been Framed, Agatha Christie's Miss Marple, X Factor, Agatha Christie's Poirot, Dickinson's Real Deal, Monroe, Mr Selfridge, River Monsters, The Chase, The Cube , Lightfields, Peirs Morgan's Life Stories, Broadchurch, Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway, Foyle's War, Law & Order: UK

Product Compatibility: UK TV ProxyYes UK TV VPNYes

Scottish TV - STV Player

STV Player

When ITV was a regional franchise-based television channel, Scotland had two stations covering the north and south of the country. Since ITV has amalgamated there is only one company covering most of England while Scottish Television (STV) covers north of the border. STV, which took over Grampian, broadcasts on Channel 3 and produces a lot of its own content. But most of ITV's most popular shows such as Coronation Street and Britain's Got Talent, for instance, are still broadcast for Scottish audiences. While the on-screen idents and look of STV has changed, its news operation - Scotland Tonight - still breaks the country down into two segments, much like the previous broadcasters did. Indeed, STV is said to offer the most comprehensive news service in the UK.

STV Most Watched online:

STV also broadcasts a lot of Scottish sport, particularly rugby, and produces some programmes in the Gaelic, though some of these are now only broadcast by BBC Alba. Like every other franchise, STV can produce programmes for the UK and perhaps its best known offering in recent years has been the detective drama series Taggart, which is set in Glasgow. Other shows produced by STV include Room at the Top, a lifestyle show, Wheel of Fortune and Catchphrase, and also programmes for other broadcasters such as eggheads and Antiques Road Trip for BBC2. However, there are some ITV-networked shows that STV doesn't run such as Doc Martin and Midsomer Murders, Lewis and Poirot, preferring instead to broadcast its own produced dramas, repeats and imported shows in those slots. STV says it drops those networked shows because they do not draw big audiences in Scotland, though viewers who want to see them can use other platforms to do so via a uk tv proxy. STV also broadcasts its programmes in HD and has also introduced a time shift channel - STV +1.The channel has a potential audience of 4 million viewers which are covered by two regions with each of those consisting of four sub-regions.

STV also runs STV Player on its website where viewers can catch-up with their favourite programmes though people can also stream it via PS3, computers, tablets, YouView, Android phones and the iPhone via a uk proxy tv service.

Product Compatibility: Yes UK TV VPNYes

Channel 4 /All 4

Viewers wanting to catch up with their favourite Channel 4 TV programmes can do so with the All 4 service on a uk tv proxy server. Called All 4, viewers can watch a wide variety of old and new programmes from Channel 4. The channel has the highest viewing figures for any UK based broadcaster when it comes to providing video on-demand. The shows available are not just those found on Channel 4 but also on E4 and More4. 

The All 4 service is free and the programmes available include: Father Ted, Skins, Peep Show, The Inbetweeners, Misfits, The IT crowd.

Channel 4 archives:

Among the most popular programmes from Channel 4's archives are Traffik, The Camomile Lawn and A Very British Coup. Some of these can be downloaded to a computer for later viewing for a small fee though they have a time limit in which they must be viewed. The programmes are streamed directly to the viewer's computer via the uk tv proxy which means they must have a reliable broadband connection which is capable of fast download speeds for smooth streaming. All 4 is well laid out with the programmes being sorted into specific categories such as drama, comedy and documentaries among them. Generally, at least one advertisement is shown before the requested programme begins. The channel is extremely popular with nearly 106 million views of the programmes recorded.

Channel 4 Most Watched Online:

Come Dine With Me, Deal Or No Deal, Embarrassing Bodies, Grand Designs, Hollyoaks, Paul O'grady, Location Location, River Cottage, The Inbetweeners, The Simpsons, One Born Every Minute, 8 out of 10 cats, Shameless, the Restoration Man, A Place In The Sun, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, The Big Bang Theory, New Girl, Four In a Bed, Facejacker, George Clarkes Amazing Spaces, The Hoarders Next Door, Made In Chelsea, The Mimic, Misfits, Phoneshop, St.Elsewhere, The Secret Millionaire, The Million Pound Drop, Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmare.

Live Streaming Compatibility: UK TV ProxyYes UK TV VPNYes

All 4 Main Site Compatibility: UK TV ProxyYes UK TV VPNYes

YouTube All 4 Compatibility: UK TV ProxyYes UK TV VPNYes

channel 5

Channel 5

An easy way to catch-up with your favourite Channel 5 programmes is to access them on the Demand Five on YouTube channel via our UK TV proxy servers. Here, the broadcaster has created a resource of all its output for viewers to download and watch for free. Demand 5 on YouTube offers its popular programmes from Channel 5 and also 5* and 5USA. Plus the YouTube streaming channel offers around 250 hours of some of the best archive material for viewing again.

What's on Channel 5 streaming?

The list of free programmes for viewing on Demand 5 on YouTube include some very impressive documentaries and soaps such as Neighbours and Home And Away though these also have their own dedicated Demand 5 channels.

Demand 5 Player

Other popular shows available its most watched show CSI as well as NCIS, The Wright Stuff and Cowboy Builders. Some shows can be downloaded for later viewing but these will need to be watched on the Demand 5 player, which first requires registration. The quality of the stream tends to be quite high and like most other on-demand services there are adverts to watch before the programme begins.

However, the Demand 5 on YouTube is a tad different to most of the on-demand video players since it will allow viewers to watch programmes which haven't yet been broadcast in advance for a small fee - starting at £1.99 a show. Programmes downloaded for later viewing are available for 14 days but the viewer can watch the programme as often as they want to in 48 hours. Viewers can also use Demand 5 on YouTube to pre-order their favourite programmes up to seven days before they are broadcast.

For younger viewers, don't forget Channel 5 Milkshake has stacks of popular programmes with characters like Thomas the Tank engine, Noddy and Peppa Pig to name but a few.

Channel Five Most Watched Online:

Big Brother, Ice Road Truckers, Criminal Minds, CSI: NY, CSI Crime Scene Investigation, Europa League Football, Dallas, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Minder, NCIS, Neighbours, NFL UK, Home And Away, The Gadget Show, The Mentalist, Body Proof, Benidorm ER, Beat the Ancestors, Justified, The Big Body Squad, American Idol, Sons of Anarchy, The Wright Stuff

Product Compatibility: UK TV ProxyNo UK TV VPNYes

Sky TV and Sky Go

Like many broadcasters, Sky also provides its programming to watch on a streaming player though it puts far more material online than anyone else and you can access it all easily via a proxy server. However, because Sky is a subscription channel most of the content is restricted to Sky subscribers only and to geographical areas. Some output, such as Sky News is available to non-subscribers after they sign up for free. The service is called Sky Go and can be accessed via any computer, Xbox360 as well as smartphones and tablets.

Sky Catch Up

All Sky subscribers can simply log in and catch up with a programme they may have missed or watch the channel live if they have a strong wi-fi connection for their device. This means that viewers can take their laptop or tablet, for instance, connect to their uk tv proxy server and watch Sky programmes live while in a cafe or pub. They could even watch a football match while in a football ground! One of the attractions to the Sky Go service is that you can download a programme to a device for viewing later without having to rely on a wi-fi signal for wherever you may be going. However, the Sky Go service is not just for Sky subscribers since non-subscribers can also sign up to get access and the sign up process is a quick and easy.

Sky Go

To gain full access a non-subscriber will need to buy a Sky Go monthly ticket, for the channel's basic package.

Sky Go's live output includes Sky One, Sky Atlantic, Sky Living, Sky Arts - Sky News and Eurosport are also available.

The Sky Go service restricts access to the channels for which the subscriber has signed up to which means that they will need to have a movie package to access Sky Movies for instance, and if they have the sports pack they can watch all six of the Sky Sports channels.

Many programmes are available on a catch-up service for up to 30 days after first broadcast.Now available to both non Sky TV customers as well as existing subscribers.

Now TV

Now TV

We all know how expensive sports packages can be, especially if you only want to watch certain games, well now you can watch the games you want with a Sky Sports Day Pass.

Stream sports from outside the UK

Powered by Now TV, you can stream 6 Sky Sports channels on to your PC, Mobile or Tablet for 24 hours for only £9.99* (with no contract). You can dip in and out and watch Football, Golf, Rugby, F1, Tennis and much more thanks to pay as you go Sky Sports.

*Paid directly to Sky, terms and conditions apply.

Sky Sports Most Watched Online:

Live Cricket, English Premier League Football, Scottish Premier League Soccer, World Championship Darts, NFL American Football, US Open Golf, US PGA Golf, 2013 Formula 1 Grand Prix, Ryder Cup 2014, US Masters Golf & WWE Wrestling.

Sky's Most Watched Online:

Fringe, Modern Family, Greys Anatomy, Boardwalk Empire & The Simpsons

Product Compatibility: UK TV ProxyNo UK TV VPNYes



Watch video on demand via the web

Video on-demand services are growing quickly in popularity and one of the biggest is Netflix. The service has now grown to 36 million members in 40 countries and has become the world's leading internet television network. Those who sign up can look forward to enjoying more than a billion hours of entertainment in the shape of films and TV programmes via their uk TV proxy server connection. Netflix has also begun streaming exclusive productions, such as Arrested Development and the US version of The Killing. The firm has also famously started its own quality production arm and spent a fortune producing a political thriller called House of Cards. The range of categories for programmes and films is broad there is even a section for British films and another for foreign films. This is a subscription service and once signed up there is no limit to how much of their programming subscribers can watch in any given month. Most of the TV programmes are generally well known productions though some subscribers will probably enjoy those that have only been on satellite platforms such as Sky in the UK such as Modern Family.

Stream video anywhere in the UK:

Members can also watch Netflix anywhere that has a fast and reliable wifi or broadband connection which means they could head to a cafe and watch programmes on their TV, computer, tablet or iPad. One of the attractions for using Netflix is the ability to pause, play and resume programmes and they also do not have commercials for members. Netflix likes to interact with its community of members and allows people to rate and comment on the shows and films they have watched. This is a great idea if the viewer is coming to a programme or film without much prior knowledge and is looking for recommendations as to why they should spend their time watching it. The service is also used by Netflix to help steer viewers towards films and programmes they may also like after they have finished watching their original selection.

Product Compatibility: UK TV ProxyNo UK TV VPNYes


Watch movies online and free TV shows at blinkbox. Choose from blockbusters, indies and everything and in between. Blinkbox is a UK-based website that allows users to preview, buy and rent over 6,000 full length premium movies and TV shows online. New releases are added constantly, with many becoming available on the same day as the DVD.

Product Compatibility: UK TV ProxyNo UK TV VPNYes



S4C is a TV channel aimed at Welsh speakers and is a sister broadcaster of Channel 4, indeed S4C means for Sianel Pedwar Cymru or Channel Four Wales, and is older by just one day. The channel does not produce its own programmes and instead commission's independent producers in Wales to make most of its output, with more than 115 hours of programmes being broadcast every week from drama to music and documentaries. S4C is particularly strong for its broadcasting of Welsh sport and for its internationally famous Eisteddfod festival.

Stream well-known childrens' programmes

The channel has also carved a niche for its strong children's programming by commissioning cartoons which become very successful, such as SuperTed and Fireman Sam which have both been reshown the world over. The channel also carries Welsh language versions of popular children's programmes such as The Tweenies.

Watch Welsh language TV on the Internet

The BBC fulfils its Welsh language obligations by providing 10 hours of programmes every week including news bulletins and a daily soap opera called Pobol y Cwm, which are funded from the licence fee. For non-Welsh speakers, most of S4C's programmes carry English subtitles and some have Welsh and English subtitles together for those people trying to learn the language.

Most of the funding for S4C currently comes from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport though the channel also carries advertising and is due to pick up some cash from the BBC. The channel also produces films which have gone on to garner good reviews and to be nominated for best foreign language Oscars. Unlike most TV channels, S4C goes to great lengths to interact with its audience and to encourage participation in its programme making.Schedules and some programming are available on the S4C website: which also carries a live stream of the channel's output for those who want to watch S4C online via a uk proxy tv service.

Product Compatibility: UK TV ProxyYes UK TV VPNYes

Watch UK

What's on launched in the USA and has been compared with fellow USA only service The UK version of followed on the back of their sucess in the United States and features free full length episodes and clips from such series as Law & Order, Merlin and The Amazing Race. You'll also find TV schedules, viewer reviews and podcasts.

Five have made their content available on, so you can now catch-up with Aussie soaps Home & Away and Neighbours.

Product Compatibility: UK TV ProxyNo UK TV VPNYes

Bookie TV

Watch betting events online

As well as the mainstream television broadcasters several bookies now offer free live sports streaming on their websites; including Bet365, Betfair, William Hill and Ladbrokes. A UK IP address is required and you'll need to register with these bookmaker websites before you can start watching via a uk proxy tv service.

Product Compatibility: UK TV ProxyYes UK TV VPNYes

eurosport player

British Eurosport Player

One of the best-known sports channels is Eurosport which carries a wide range of programming, though most of it tends to be minority interest from around the continent. However, they do have broadcast rights for the UEFA Champions League and the Europa League.Eurosport also provides coverage of the major cycling events, particularly the Tour de France, as well as tennis, including the French Open and the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour.

Watch Eurosport streaming from the Web

Eurosport is a French channel run by TF1 and was launched 1989 and the firm also broadcasts lots of motorsport events such as the FIA World Touring Car Championship and the FIA European Touring Car Cup. A highlights package of the European Rally Championship which is broadcast daily is very popular. Eurosport is the only channel to broadcast the full 24-hours of the Le Mans motor race. Since 2007, Eurosport has partnered with Yahoo! to create a co-branded website which offers selections and highlight packages from Eurosport's output.

Eurosport player

A year later, Eurosport unveiled its online subscription service, called Eurosport player, which allows viewers to watch Eurosport and Eurosport 2 over the internet.

Eurosport also puts some of its output in 3D, most of it is in HD and there is a popular sports news channel which began life in 2000. Online viewers can also get to see extra coverage via a uk proxy tv service which is not available to other broadcasters.

Watch UK sport online - even from outside the UK

Viewers in the UK tend to see more sports which are tailored for them, including the commentary, and the broadcaster often has a live studio set-up at the major sporting events. Popular coverage includes the Australian, French and US Open tennis tournaments and the channel covers a lot of snooker including the major ranking events not broadcast by the BBC. Eurosport has also earned a good reputation for its coverage of winter sports.

Product Compatibility: UK TV ProxyNo UK TV VPNYes

nfl gamepass

NFL Gamepass HD

A growing army of fans for the National Football League or American Football as it is known elsewhere. Most British fans call it 'gridiron', which refers to the pitch though Americans call the football pitch 'the field'. The sport has been shown on Channel 4 since the 1980s at various times, with some live games being featured in that time, but a highlights programme which reviews the action and controversies has been very popular. NFL games are now shown live on Sky Sports and there is a regular fixture at Wembley Stadium for fans of the sport in the UK and Europe.

Watch NFL matches online in the UK

Now, with two NFL games at Wembley and the Jacksonville Jaguars taking up a roving residence, the game may be set to take off in Europe in a big way. Essentially, NFL consists of 32 teams divided equally between the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC). The season runs for 17 weeks, usually beginning after Labour Day the first Monday in September - and ending just after Christmas. The leagues work with each team playing 16 games and having one bye week.

Of the 32 participants, six of them four division winners plus two 'wild card' teams then compete in the NFL play-offs which is a knock-out competition culminating in the famous Super Bowl final which usually racks up some of the highest ever TV ratings in the US. The final essentially pits the champions from both leagues against each other to determine the NFL champions. Most of the NFL games are played on a Sunday with other games being held on Mondays and Thursdays.

Get the regular NFL matches and the Superbowl!

Sky Sports broadcast two games on a Sunday (at 6 pm and 9.15 pm) plus some coverage of the midweek games and the Super Bowl. Channel 4 also broadcasts some NFL games though these tend to be in the early hours of Monday morning because of the time difference. However, NFL fans can use the video on-demand service 4oD to watch any game broadcast by Channel 4 via a uk proxy tv service up to seven days after it was aired.

BBC Sport began broadcasting the NFL s Monday night games during the 2012/13 season on its 'red button' service and streams some games on its website. The BBC takes more interest in the play-offs for the Super Bowl with highlights programmes and also broadcasts the Super Bowl itself.Product Compatibility: UK TV ProxyNo UK TV VPNYes

ESPN 360

ESPN360 (European Edition)

Now known as, the channel also runs a newer website,, with both sites accessible from the UK. The channel broadcasts a range of sports to growing numbers of viewers in Europe and North America, some of which is available online via a TV proxy server. Indeed, ESPN made headlines after buying up some of the UK's Premiership football broadcasting rights which led to creating a broadcasting arm for the British market though it no longer has those rights. Being an American broadcaster, most sports are from North America, mainly baseball, American football and basketball, though it will show more localised sports for other markets. After starting life as ESPN360 in 2005 as a mainly on-demand video website, a year later they began the move to live broadcasts and introducing studio-based discussion shows around certain sports. In 2010, was rebranded and then simply as ESPN.

ESPN Most Watched Online:

ESPN now broadcasts a wide range of live sporting events from around the world including highlights from top football leagues, including the up and coming German Bundesliga that now sports the European champions Bayern Munich. A large part of its programming still remains college football, the NBA and WNBA basketball leagues as well as ice hockey. Other major sports found on the channel include major golf tournaments, cricket, lacrosse and major tennis tournaments.

When visiting the ESPN website, it should be noted that ESPN isn't just a single sports channel and will often stream several sports at the same time to viewers despite their TV listings only detailing one sports event at a time. In addition, the channel can also be viewed on tablet computers and iPadsvia a uk proxy tv service. Most of ESPN's output will be shown on BT Sport.

Product Compatibility: UK TV ProxyYes UK TV VPNYes

Get UK TV on any mobile device

Our UK Proxy and UK VPN servers have been tested to confirm technical compatibility with the following television website services. If you are based in the UK and are looking for a way to enjoy your favourite programming on your computer, tablet or smartphone via one of the many on-demand TV services, we can help.

Connecting your TV to a UK proxy TV server

If you want to know how you can connect your computer to your TV screen then please visit our knowledgebase for more details on the options available. We also have a rage of other useful knowledgebase guides that offer answer the most common questions. For example, What's better for me a UK VPN or a UK Proxy?

Important Please be advised that terms and conditions of usage may apply and you should always check with the specific websites prior to using their television streaming, download services and any products/services offered by the these third party websites. For example, due to licensing restrictions the BBC state that users of their video streaming services should always have a valid UK TV license and to be based within the UK. Please also refer to clause 2 of our Terms & Conditions.

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