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A helping hand for investors looking for a change of lifestyle and a home abroad. Watch on Channel 4 and on 4OD


Amanda Lamb follows a British couple on their journey to buy a property overseas.

The most popular destinations tend to be in southern Europe but the programme has recorded episodes further afield.

The idea is that the couple featuring in the programme can turn to professional advisors for their input before spending money on their dream home.

During the programme the ‘experts’ will find three or four properties for the couple to inspect and they will give reasons as to why the properties make great investments. They will also advise on how the couple can run and maintain, or even improve, the property being inspected.

After each viewing the couple is asked for their opinion and at the end of the programme the duo will reveal which property they will be buying – or whether they want to buy in that region at all.

A Place In The Sun was created in response to the fast-growing numbers of Brits heading abroad to buy properties in a warmer climates.

Buyers are usually filmed in France or Spain but there have been editions in Croatia and Bulgaria and even in Australia and Canada.

Indeed, the programme is so popular that it has led to various spin-offs including a magazine by the same name and two exhibitions held each year in Birmingham and London.

The spin-off TV programmes include:

A Place in Spain

Also popular are episodes based on couple’s making a buying choice either in the UK or abroad called ‘A Place in the Sun: Home or Away?

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