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Scandinavian crime drama provides a rich seam for British TV and Hollywood – and Arne Dahl doesn’t disappoint as he follows the trail blazed by Stieg Larsson (Girl with the Dragon tattoo) and Jo Nesbo (Harry Hole). Watch it on BBC 4 and BBC iPlayer.

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Arne Dahl is a stylish crime thriller series from Sweden which is based on the investigations carried out by an elite team of detectives, though many of them have various personal issues and problems.

The stories are told in two parts with the main focus on the back story of a detective from the team.

Arne Dahl is the pen name of the crime writer who writes the books on which the television series is based. The books themselves are extremely popular and have sold more than 2.5 million copies and won the writer numerous awards.

The programme is broadcast on BBC 4 in a slot which is reserved for popular, foreign crime series such as The Killing, Spiral, The Bridge and Inspector Montalbano.

In Arne Dahl, the team of detectives has been put together for their specialisms and quirks and they’re known as the Intercrime team, though everyone else knows them as the A-Unit.

As with most Scandinavian crime thrillers, the team investigate some gruesome crimes and mysteries and the programme is popular across Europe and even in Japan.

The team’s first investigation, entitled Misterioso, focuses on a failed bank robbery with one of the robbers lying dead with a dart in his eye though this investigation leads into a wider scheme of criminal activity.

The team often runs into problems with its senior management and the detectives have a range of domestic and family problems to add colour to what are interesting crime dramas – large parts of which switch into English when they are questioning foreigners.

For the most part the drama is subtitled from the Swedish performance.

The team consists of the dependable Paul Hjelm (Shanti Roney), Jorge Chavez (Matias Varela), Viggo Norlander (Claes Ljungmark), Arto Söderstedt (Niklas Åkerfelt) and Kerstin Holm (Malin Arvidsson).

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