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Watch CSI New York on Channel 5

Channel 5 Provides UK Web Users with Free Coverage of CSI New York

Watch CSI New York on Channel 5


Forensic investigators piece together vital evidence to uncover criminals in this high tech whodunnit procedural drama. Watch on Channel Five.

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CSI New York, or CSI: NY as it is also known, is a spin-off from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and CSI Miami depicting New York Police Department forensic scientists investigate crime scenes to find the vital evidence that will lead to a conviction.

The investigators use their skills to unravel complex cases and find evidence to illustrate how a crime has been committed.

The shows use the New York streets as a great background to look into unusual, often grisly, crimes and the producers use CGI and graphics to good effect to recreate how a crime or murder may have been committed.

Many of those appearing in CSI:NY first appeared in CSI Miami and the team is led by former Marine Major, Detective Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) and partner Detective Jo Danville (Sela Ward) who is an experienced investigator with a strong empathy with the victims.

CSI:NY follows the same path as it two counterparts – CSI: Miami and the original show which is the CSI based in Las Vegas – by investigating violent and unusual cases. The show also has a strong undercurrent of cultural and ethnic tensions being played out among the cast and suspects.

‘Mac’ knows that people may tell lies but the evidence rarely does and the show uses the crimes prevalent in New York to good effect with the work of the lab technicians almost as important as the work being done by the detectives.

CSI:NY has a large numbers of viewers worldwide following the latest investigation and also the subplots involving the characters.

One unusual aspect to the show is that the stars also appear in crossover shows such as CSI Las Vegas, with the other stars pursuing interest in a case in New York City.

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