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The struggle for power and money between oil and cattle barons who willing to go to any lengths to outwit their rivals. Watch on Channel Five.
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As one TV’s biggest ever successes it was perhaps inevitable that Dallas would once again return to our small screens.

The original series ran from 1978 to 1991 and made huge stars of Patrick Duffy, who played Bobby Ewing, Larry Hagman as JR Ewing and Linda Gray who played his wife Sue Ellen Ewing.

The original Dallas made headlines; especially after a cliff-hanger episode in which JR was shot led to a huge ‘Who shot JR?’ campaign. The answer came in the next series and left many fans shocked.

The new series has picked up where the old series left off- albeit after a 20 year gap during which the show’s characters developed or grew up - and even brought back some of the famous faces, including Duffy, Hagman and Gray.

Alongside them is a new generation of the Ewing clan, made up of JR’s son John Ross Ewing III, played by Josh Henderson, and Jesse Metcalfe as Bobby’s adopted son Christopher Ewing.

The return of Dallas created headlines and many former fans tuned in to watch how the Ewings and their offspring had fared in the world.

Viewing figures made the new show a hit and a second and third series were commissioned with the storylines still focussed on the cattle and oil businesses in Dallas.

This show is based on the two boys as they were born during the original series and having grown up confronting each other much like JR and Bobby did years ago.

Indeed, JR’s son is as greedy as his father for money and power, while Bobby’s adopted son has embraced alternative energy and wants to look after the original Southfork ranch.

Other original faces which returned for the new version of Dallas included the Ewing family’s biggest rival, Cliff Barnes (Ken Kercheval) and Bobby’s niece Lucy Ewing Cooper (Charlene Tilton).

From the start with the original theme music and similar opening credits, fans of the show feel right at home as the makers have remained faithful to the original.

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