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Antiques show where the public are offered hard cash for their collectibles, or the chance to gamble for a bigger profit by selling at auction. Wathc on ITV1 and on ITV Player



Dickinsonís Real Deal is presented by the eccentric and somewhat cult figure of David Dickinson, Travelling up and down the country, people are invited to bring along antiques and collectibles in a game of bartering and a test of nerves.

The owner of antique treasures pays a visit to one of the showís dealers, who evaluates the item, taking a guess at its age and worth, and follows up with an offer for hard cash. Sometimes cheeky and sometimes generous, the owner has to decide if itís good offer, opting to barter and then take the cash or leave it and go to auction.

With Dickinson offering his advice and thoughts, the owner of the treasures has to decide whether heart will rule head or vice versa in selling their objects. Items are often tied to family stories, complex histories and personal emotions Ė this is what makes Dickinsonís Real Deal compelling.

If the owner declines the cash offer, they must visit the auction room Ė carrying the risk that the item underselling, but of course with the tantalising possibility of acquiring more money than they had ever considered.

A down-to-earth, entertaining daytime show, Dickinsonís Real Deal features colourful characters, fascinating treasures and sometimes unexpected outcomes.

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