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Game show where contestants try to outsmart the ‘Eggheads’, a team made up of the UK’s leading quiz experts. Available on BBC Two and on BBC iPlayer

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In this popular BBC quiz show, teams of contestants go head-to-head against teams of five ‘Eggheads’, made up from some of the UK’s most highly regarded quiz and game show champions of all time.

The ‘challengers’ come from all over the UK, and are often made up from groups of people who share a common interest, such as being members of the same club, playing on the same pub quiz team or working in the same office.

The Eggheads are formidable quiz champions, and include:


  • Kevin Ashman: Holder of the Mastermind all time record score, three times Brain of Britain and Fifteen to One Champion of Champions
  • CJ de Mooi: Mensa chess champion, winner of 100% and Beat the Nation
  • Daphne Fowler: Former Brain of Britain, Going for Gold champion and Fifteen to One winner
  • Chris Hughes: Brain of Britain, International Mastermind and Mastermind
  • Judith Keppel: First winner of £1 million on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
  • Barry Simmons: Winner of ‘Are you an Egghead’ as well as Masterteam and Brain of Britain
  • Pat Gibson: Winner of ‘Are you an Egghead’ as well as a £1 million winner on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Mastermind Champion of Champions and former World Quizzing Champion
  • Dave Rainforth: Previous contestant on ‘Are you an Egghead’ and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire


Presented by alternately by former news readers Dermot Murnaghan and Jeremy Vine, this popular quiz show is certainly something to test the old grey matter and see if you can keep up with the Eggheads too!

By the way – here’s a quick answer…Jeremy is the brother of a joke a minute comic Tim Vine.

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