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4od Embarrassing Bodies

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Reality TV show featuring patients with ailments they are too embarrassed to show their doctor, but are willing to reveal to viewers on TV. Watch on Channel 4 or on 4OD


Highly popular Embarrassing Bodies is the show dedicated to showcasing those illnesses and ailments that many of us would avoid going admitting we have to our loved ones or the doctor.

Patients visit the onsite doctors for diagnosis and treatment, and then the viewer’s follow their journey through further treatment and hopefully a happy ending.

From problems with pustules and boils to disfigured genitalia or problems with sex, the show tackles some of the most gory, gruesome and unexpected conditions human beings are built to endure, and shows us that whatever our problem is, our GP will definitely have seen worse before.

As well as helping the patients on the show to get the help they need, the programme also helps viewers at home self-diagnose and identify when they should seek help for their conditions, hopefully encouraging more people to visit their doctors instead of trying to ignore the problem.

The series’ first aired in 2007 under the name ‘Embarrassing Illnesses’ and then returned with a second series called ‘Embarrassing Teenage Bodies’.

The show has evolved into ‘Embarrassing bodies’ for more series, and has also had a special one-off episode called ‘Embarrassing Old Bodies’ too.

In 2010, the show aired a special series for the under 16’s, called ‘Embarrassing Bodies: Kids’ and there has also been a spin-off of Embarrassing Bodies: Live from the Clinic, where viewers can get on webcams, Skype and even text in photos of their problems for diagnosis by the team.

The big question that remains unanswered is why your disfigurement on TV when you feel you cannot tell your own doctor in the privacy of the surgery?

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