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How would you act when approached by Saddam Hussein’s plastic surgeon of choice on the street – this is just one of the mad characters unleashed on the public. Watch on Channel 4 and on 4OD.


Facejacker is a spin-off from the popular series Fonejacker which featured the comedian Kayvan Novak telephoning people to ask silly questions or to wind them up.

Facejacker follows the same principles of creating embarrassing situations between Novak and members of the public though the programme makers use prosthetics extensively to disguise Novak.

Once in costume, Novak takes a wide array of crazy characters to the streets to the embarrassment of just about everyone he meets.

Among the favourite characters is Terry Tibbs, an unlucky in love car salesman who has been divorced several times, and there's also scam artist Augustus Kwembe who works hard at getting people to hand over their bank details and professional complainer Dufrais.

New characters for Facejacker included 'Saddam Hussein's plastic surgeon of choice' Dr Ali and clueless art critic Brian Badonde.

Essentially, Facejacker takes these characters and unleashes them into real-life situations where unsuspecting members of the public deal with them as best they can. Some of the results are hilarious but some take embarrassment to new levels.

All of the characters utilise the acting and voice talents of Novak, as well as his comic improvisational skills, to make them believable. Novak himself is building up a reputation as a top up-and-coming actor and has appeared in a number of high profile productions such as Four Lions, Sirens and Casualty.

The second series of Facejacker saw Novak head to the USA where some of his best known characters were let loose on the American public to mixed results.

Facejacker is broadcast by Channel 4 and producers are looking into the possibility of making a feature film about the show's characters.

The series is regularly repeated and has built up a cult following with the Terry Tabs character even presenting a chat show in 2012 and it is available to view, for free, on 4oD.

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