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Watch Four In A Bed on Channel 4

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Celebrated for the catty remarks rival bed and breakfast owners make about each other’s businesses. Watch on Channel 4 and on 4OD


Although not sound like the most thrilling reality TV show, Four In A Bed provides some entertaining scenarios as often less than complimentary B&B couples sleep-test other businesses.

The premise of the show is that the owners of a four bedroom bed and breakfast business welcome the owners of three other B&B’s to stay with them.

The hosts have to show them how they run their business and let them stay for the night as the cameras follow them inspecting their bedrooms for cleanliness and recording conversations which are not always flattering to the host.

The hosts must also take their guests to visit a local attraction or a landmark and to enjoy a meal at the local restaurant.

All of the guests must sleep in their allocated bedrooms for one night.

After breakfast the following morning, the guests write down their comments and ratings for a number of criteria including cleanliness and the quality of food.

They are then asked to pay what they think a fair price would be for a night’s stay in that accommodation.

In the early series, the owners of the B&B would open the envelopes and count the cash and then read their guests’ comments – and dispute the less flattering ones.

However, to create more tension the producers have changed this so that the owners of the B&B have to open the envelope and read the comments in front of their guests.

Suffice to say there are often fireworks as people dispute what has been said as criticism of their efforts and business.

The guests then each take turns in playing host to the other people appearing in the programme, which gives those who have already been criticised a chance to exact their revenge.

Four and a Bed is surprisingly entertaining and shows the best and worst sides of the B&B industry and has built-up a strong following – with Channel 4 so impressed with viewing figures that several series have been made.

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