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An irreverent television panel show featuring regular team captains in the shape of Paul Merton and Ian Hislop as well as guests. Available on BBC One, BBC One HD and on BBC iPlayer

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Have I Got News For You is a topical quiz which has been regularly broadcast since 1990. It has quite a reputation for being risky and controversial.

It was originally broadcast on BBC Two, but its popularity saw it being moved to BBC One. In 2011 the show was awarded A Lifetime Achievement Award at The British Comedy Awards. This was in recognition of its iconic status among quiz shows.

Such is its popularity that a number of shows across the world have been based on it.

Panel captain Ian Hislop has appeared in every episode. He is a panel captain, playing against Paul Merton, with the pair, accompanied by their guests, vying to win the show each week.

Each programme lasts for 30 minutes, but more than 60 minutes worth of material is recorded at The London Studios. Although Have I Got News For You has a tight format, this is often ignored to allow the panel or guest presenter to go off at a tangent and make witty comments, jokes and remarks.

There are several rounds to the show, including The Film Round, which shows silent news clips being shown and competitors have to guess the story.

The Tabloid Round entails headlines from newspapers being shown with a word missing, and the panel has to guess the deleted text.

After the final score has been decided on Have I Got News For You, there is a final caption round. This is just for fun and no points are awarded. The round consists of amusing pictures being shown and the panellists have to provide appropriate captions.


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