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Hustle is a light-hearted fictional drama series about a team of con artists preying on the rich and wealthy who abuse and exploit their wealth. Available on BBC One and BBC One HD

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Hustle was the brainchild of Tony Jordan and first broadcast in the UK in 2004.

It follows a group of fraudsters who focused on "long cons" - jobs which require more planning and patience, but ultimately bring higher rewards.

The BBC employed the advertising agency Abbott Mead Vickers to carry out an extensive promotion of the series. The slogan was: "The con is on".

The programme was a big success, pulling in well over six million viewers, with some fantastic reviews from critics. Even before the first series had been shown in the UK, the BBC had already sold Hustle’s re-broadcast rights to TV channels in 12 countries.

Once the show was given the green light by the BBC the production company began a mammoth task of searching for the right actors to play the roles.

US actor Robert Vaughn was eventually chosen to play Albert Stroller, the elderly mastermind who would be the one responsible for researching and pulling in potential marks.

The production team then cast Adrian Lester as Michael Stone.

Marc Warren would play Danny Blue, the geezer who would work on the "inside". Then Robert Glenister was cast as Ash Morgan, the "fixer", the man who could set up all intelligence on any job.

Finally, Jaime Murray was cast as Stacie Monroe who was often used as bait – or, as grafters say, "the lure".

Both Jamie Murray and Marc Warren later left later to pursue other projects and were replaced by Matt De Angelo and Kelly Adams but not as the same characters.

The BBC then finally announced that the eighth series of Hustle, broadcast in January 2012, would be the final series


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