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Watch Ice Road Truckers on Channel 5

Channel 5 Provides UK Web Users with Free Coverage of Ice Road Truckers.

Watch Ice Road Truckers on Channel 5


Action, thrills and spills and truckers race against time to shift their loads across the frozen rivers and lakes of Canada and Alaska. Watch on Channel Five.

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Ice Road Truckers follows seasoned and newbie drivers driving some of the most hostile and dangerous roads on the planet – into the Alaskan and Canadian wilderness.

They are delivering vital supplies to oil fields and diamond mines with a short window of a few months when the weather is good and the lakes remain frozen over – which help provide roads that really are made of solid ice.

The ice roads go over lakes and rivers and as the heavy loads are hauled across them, the ice below cracks and creaks with accidents a regular feature.

More recent series have followed the drivers as they tackle the remote and dangerous Dalton Highway where the smallest mistake can be heavily punished – the wrecks of trucks litter the roadside.

Ice Road Truckers shows those who get behind the wheel for what are very well-paid trips as they haul heavy loads in extreme conditions.

Some of the journeys can be nerve-wracking but as the viewers get to know the drivers and the dangers they face, the tension builds still further.

Over the years, Ice Road Truckers has drawn criticism for its portrayal of drivers – both experienced and inexperienced – using the work as a ‘dash for cash’ with those hauling the heaviest loads earning the most money.

Though the tension of watching the trucks as they drove across frozen lakes in the process of thawing was undoubtedly exciting, the more recent series have moved to routes that use constructed roads for their traffic and yet still manage to keep the tension fresh and interesting.

Ice Road Truckers is broadcast by Channel 5.

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