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Watch Justified on Channel 5


Justified comes from judging whether the gun-toting marshal keeping the law in the Deep South had good cause to shoot a suspect. Watch it on Five USA and on Demand 5

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The premise of Justified sees an old-style lawman apply his style of upholding the law to 21st century law-breakers.

It features deputy US Marshal Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) who has shot dead a major Mafia hit man called Tommy Bucks while working in Miami, Florida, in a 'justified' quick-draw shooting.

However, Givens' angry bosses move him to the backwoods of Kentucky as punishment – an area Givens knows well and thought he had left behind as a youth.

Givens is unconventional in his approach to enforcing the law in Lexington where his 'patch' also includes the incredibly poor area of Harlan County which is a remote, coal-mining community in hilly east Kentucky.

Givens grew up here and he is not happy about returning.

Justified is based on the novels by Elmore Leonard which feature a tough federal lawman who enforces his own brand of justice – though of his actions are legally questionable.

Justified follows Givens in his new role and sees him deal with a range of intriguing crimes and dramas – with an undercurrent of the show showing how he comes to terms with his criminal father’s previous actions.

Givens has also run into trouble with Boyd Crowder who runs Harlan for his own criminal purposes.

The main character is played as a softly-spoken lawman who brings his own interpretation of the law and who has to contend with an ex-wife who now lives with a new partner and best friend from schooldays becoming a white supremacist.

Justified is growing in popularity among its fans with many critics praising the show's acting, direction, writing and art direction which has led to many awards. Timothy Olyphant's portrayal of Givens regularly wins praise.

Indeed, Justified was nominated in 2012 for seven Emmy Awards and picked up two – for support actors Margo Martindale, who plays Mags Bennett, and Jeremy Davies who plays Dickie Bennett.

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