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Time-jumping supernatural drama with three families sharing a link with the shocking death of a young girl. Watch on ITV or on ITV Player


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Lightfields is a supernatural drama following on from the popular ITV drama ‘Marchlands’ which had a similar storyline and style.

The story revolves around a house in Suffolk, and looks at the lives of three families who lived there during three different time periods.

The years shown are 1944, almost at the end of the Second World War, a family from the seventies and a modern family from 2012. Each of the families shares a common link – they all have encounters with the ghost of a young girl who died in the house under suspicious circumstances in 1944.

The story begins when Eve, played by Dakota Blue Richards, is evacuated from London and arrives at Lightfields to help out on the farm. She fast becomes friends with the daughter of the family living there, young Lucy, and falls for an American airman who has taken refuge at the farm. However, Lucy also desires the airman, and after a blazing row with Eve over their relationships with the American, Lucy is tragically killed in a barn fire.

Although the police put it down to an accident, others are not so sure, and Eve is determined to know the truth. In 1975, Eve’s sister arrives at the farm for a break, but soon begins to remember things about the time she and her sister spent at Lightfields as evacuees.

In the present day, the farm is a working bed and breakfast, run by the niece of the dead Lucy. When strange things start happening they all think it’s her restless spirit returned for revenge, or is someone just trying to scare them?

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