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Watch Misfits Live on Channel 4

4OD from Channel 4 Provides UK Web Users with Free On-Demand Coverage of Misfits.

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Ordinary people with ordinary lives but super powers that they struggle to control and make sense of. Watch on E4 and 4OD.

A group of ne'er-do-wells gather for their probation punishment, but as they begin work they become caught up in a strange electrical storm.

The result of the storm sees them acquire supernatural powers.

Misfits is essentially a science fiction comedy-drama about the young offenders and how they deal with their new powers.

Each of the characters is an outsider in their own community – a ‘Misfit’ – and they form friendships within their group of community service workers.

The attraction for fans of the show is that the super powers aren’t always used for good and can be a tiresome distraction.

For instance, Curtis (Nathan Stewart Jarrett) can turn back time when he regrets something; shy Simon (Iwan Rheon) becomes invisible when he feels ignored.

Tough girl Kelly (Lauren Socha) can hear what people are thinking, and it’s not always nice, while Alisha (Antonia Thomas) finds that people become aroused when they touch her skin.

The fifth member of the probation group is clever Nathan (Robert Sheehan), who appears not to have been given any superpowers – much to his distress.

As the series progress the original members get replaced with fresh faces that bring their own issues and problems to the mix to keep Misfits fresh and original.

However, newcomers to the show’s cast have to learn the secret of the others – though some have secret super powers of their own.

The first series of Misfits found critical acclaim and won a Bafta for best drama series.

Misfits has even crossed the Atlantic, and s US remake is shown on Channel 4 as well.

Such is the programme’s popularity that an industry has grown up around the Misfits phenomena which doesn’t just include DVDs – fans can also buy playing cards, copies of the scripts, T-shirts and books.
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