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British sitcom which follows the lives of slacker Lee, his best friend Tim and Lucy – the object of Lee’s affections and also Tim’s sister. Available on BBC One, BBC One HD and available on BBC iPlayer

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Not Going Out has aired in the United Kingdom since 2006 and has been re-broadcast across the world.

The programme has starred Lee Mack, Sally Bretton, Tim Vine, Miranda Hart, and Katy Wix.

The original writers were Lee Mack, Paul Kerensa, Andrew Collins, Peter Tilbury and Simon Evans. However, other writers now also contribute to the scripts.

Mack, who plays Lee, is a popular stand-up comedian and has appeared as a member of a number of comedy panel shows.

Tim Vine is the brother of BBC Radio 2 Presenter Jeremy Vine. He is also a popular stand-up comedian and cites the late Tommy Cooper as his idol.

The show focuses on Lee Mack. He is a man in his late thirties who is unambitious and has a ‘laissez faire’ attitude.

The series is based in his flat in London Docklands. Lee flits from job-to-job and spends his time in front of the television or in the pub with his best friend Tim. An accountant, Tim (Tim Vine) part-owns the flat in which Lee lives.

The only thing which interests Lee is to impress the girl of his dreams. In the first series he is trying to woo Kate (Megan Doods). However, when she moves home to America he turns his attention to Lucy (Sally Bretton). She comes into the pair’s lives after returning from 10 years living abroad and buying a share in Lee’s flat.

The majority of the shows centre around Tim and Lee getting into various scrapes as Lee tries to impress Lucy with Tim helping.

Not Going Out has proved very popular and continues to be re-commissioned each year.

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