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A graduate takes a job in a phoneshop but finds his qualifications have left him woefully unprepared for the lunacy every day brings. Watch on Channel 4 and on 4OD.


Reaction to a broadcast pilot of the show was so well-received that Channel 4 commissioned a series which has proved to be just as popular.

Phoneshop was originally part of the broadcaster's Comedy Showcase of pilots but viewers and critics alike immediately took to the show's premise.

The Phoneshop of the programme's title is a mobile phone shop in Sutton, London, and the story follows a graduate called Christopher (Tom Bennett) who undertakes a one-day trial before being offered a job.

Along with is co-workers Jerwayne (Javone Prince), Ashley (Andrew Brooke), Janine (Emma Fryer) and store manager Lance (Martin Trenaman), Christopher just has to contend with customers and the staff.

However, it soon becomes apparent that despite his education and qualifications he is woefully unprepared for the world of retail.

Especially when the staff views each day as a battle in the on-going war to shift more mobile phones than rival branches in the chain in a cut-throat market.

They all decide to help Christopher, who is eager to please, and teach him the selling techniques which will make him and their store a success.

To achieve their targets the staff manage to sell over-priced and unwanted expensive contracts to just about everyone who enters their shop whether they want a phone or not.

The cast have an impressive pedigree of comedy and drama behind them to help make their characters come alive and to give the stories to have real energy.

Eventually Christopher is given a job and he learns the secret selling techniques required to make the phoneshop a success.

The show is written by Phil Bowker, but the cast also bring a lot to the script to help make this one of the freshest, best observed sitcoms in recent years.

Phoneshop is shown on E4 and is available on the video on-demand service 4oD which also has some extra trailers and interviews with the cast.

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