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Watch Piers Morganís Life Stories on ITV Player Provides UK Web Users with Free Coverage of Piers MorganíS Life Stories on ITV Player.

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Chat show presented by journalist Piers Morgan which delves into the past life of one celebrity in each episode. Watch on ITV or on ITV Player


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Former high profile newspaper editor, Piers Morgan, undertakes intimate and often revealing interviews with some of the most well-known A-list celebrities from all over the world.

Morgan was the former editor of The Daily Mirror, controversially on the fringes of the press phone-tapping scandal and the subsequent Leveson Inquiry, although not proven to have committed any criminal wrongs.

Each episode of his show lasts an hour, and includes video contributions from the guestís friends and family.

In fact itís almost a modern day equivalent of the old This is Your Life
Now several series in, the show has featured some of the the biggest names in the popular celebrity circuit over the years, including Richard Branson, Ronnie Corbett, Joan Collins and Sir Cliff Richard.

The show has become a reliable source of celebrity emotional rollercoasters, with laughter and fairly often, tears too. From Carol Vorderman to Dannii Minogue, Morgan has had them all weeping as they divulge their deepest, darkest memories, proving to the viewing public that even celebrities have a hard time too.

The show has been popular, averaging around 4.4 million viewers per episode, although a few well-placed guests have pulled in bigger figures.

The most popular show to date was the life story of pop singer and celebrity model Cheryl Cole with 7.7 million viewers, followed by legendary ice-skating duo Torvil and Dean, who drew an audience of 7.1 million viewers.

The least popular celebrity to date was the now deceased film director and restaurant critic Michael Winner, who dropped the ratings to just 1.1 million with his life story. Despite his film roster with big name stars, Winner is now better known for his car insurance adverts on TV.

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