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Prime-time show where the competitors win cash for guessing the least popular answers to general knowledge questions. Available on BBC 1 and BBC iPlayer.

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This general knowledge quiz show broadcast every weekday evening is incredibly popular. The show turns the normal concept of the winner scoring the most points on its head.

The aim of Pointless is to get the least amount of points to make it to the final hence the name of the programme.

The show is hosted by Alexander Armstrong and one feature of the show is his 'banter' with the adjudicator Richard Osman who gives extra information about the questions.

The contestants, there are four teams of two people, must answer questions which have already been asked of 100 people who then give a range of answers.

Against the clock, the contestants then give several answers to the question with only the correct answers considered. Incorrect answers are penalised by a 100 point deduction.

The winning answer is the one to which the fewest number of people surveyed managed to give an answer.

Essentially, Pointless rewards those people who have obscure knowledge which can be plumbed to provide the answer that no one else has thought of.

By scoring fewer points than anyone else makes the contestants the winner though they can add £250 to the jackpot they eventually play for by finding a pointless answer - which is one no one surveyed came up with.

To win the cash, the contestants must find a pointless answer in the final.

Pointless has built up a big following with many fans taking to social media to participate in the show or express opinions.

There is also a board game for playing at home.

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