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A bittersweet story about women of different social standing struggling to cope after their loved ones are sentenced to time behind bars. Available on BBC One and on BBC iPlayer

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Expectant mum Gemma has her world torn apart when her husband is taken into custody, suspected of murdering a man in a pub car park

In pieces on her first visit to see him in prison, Gemma is befriended by a wealthy career criminal’s wife, Francesca. Her husband is inside serving 16 years for drug running.

Also added into the mix for this gripping series is Lou, who exits her tenement where she sells soft drugs to take her seven-year-old son to see his father for the first time, although he doesn’t yet know his dad is doing time on his mum’s behalf.

The final lead character is Harriet, a respectable member of the local community who is dealing with the shame of having a son in jail.

Looking at the dramatic, but rarely televised, lives of the mothers, girlfriends and children of convicted criminals, the series pulls the viewer in and puts them through all the pain, frustration, joy and other emotional ups and downs of these seemingly strong but often weak and damaged individuals.

A racy, six-part drama, the strong female lead characters are supported by Downton Abbey’s Iain Glen and Robin Hood hunk Jonas Armstrong. The actresses playing the main characters have a good pedigree too, with Emma Rigby as Gemma, Polly Walker as Francesca, Pippa Haywood as Harriet and Natalie Gavin as Lou.

Written by Julie Gearey, this popular British drama is set and filmed in Sheffield and produced for the BBC by Christopher Aird.

The viewpoint of life after the investigation and court process is novel as so many programmes focus on the chase or courtroom drama.

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