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Comedy quiz with brain-numbing questions hosted by smart and smooth-talking Stephen Fry. Watch on BBC2 and Available on BBC iPlayer

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QI which stands for Quite Intelligent is one of the most unusual game shows on television.

Hosted by Stephen Fry, the idea is to win points by giving the most interesting answer to a question, not necessarily the correct one.

However, most of the questions being asked are so obscure that few people will know the likely answer.

Contestants also lose points by offering wrong answers, including those that are too obvious and answers which are based on misconceptions. Points are deducted for joke answers.

Comedian Alan Davies is the ever present panellist, with different celebrity guests invited to compete in other shows.

There are four participants, including Davies, with most of guests coming from comedy, though they have included actors, authors, scientists and TV presenters.

When the scores for QI are tallied up, some contestants have negative scores more often than not, Alan Davies is among them.

QI is a fun brain-teaser aimed at stretching the imagination. By letting contestants run with a little knowledge, the show often wanders down comedy cul-de-sacs and into winning territory by not answering the question directly.

The show covers a number of related subjects before ending with a final round of general ignorance, rather than general knowledge, which means contestants, could lose all of their points in the round.

The producers of QI originally planned the show for radio, but it has taken off on TV and looks to remain popular for some time yet.

QI started life on BBC1, where it built up a faithful following and record audiences for the channel before transferring to BBC2.

The show was first broadcast on BBC4, but has returned to BBC2, where the format has been largely unchanged since its inception and the wandering around the schedules and channels appears to have halted.

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