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Watch River Monsters on UK ITV Provides UK Web Users with Free Live and on Demand Viewing of River Monsters on ITV Player.

Live Free River Monsters on ITV Website


Biologist and extreme angler Jeremy Wade looks into the stories behind the deadliest creatures of the world’s waterways. Watch live on ITV and on ITV Player


Traversing the globe from Botswana to Mongolia, India to the US, and Brazil to the Republic of Congo, River Monsters delves into the often murky depths of the world’s rivers and waterways to find the creatures behind the legends. Can water-based invertebrates really swallow a human whole?

Jeremy Wade uses his skills as a ‘fish detective’ to separate fact from fiction and stories of substance from folklore, tracking down underwater beasts using just a fishing line and years of hair-raising angling experience.

Revealing enormous, unusual looking river monsters including the Goonch Catfish, Piranha, Bull Shark and Arapaima, Jeremy Wade even manages to capture some TV firsts, uncovering undocumented fish from rivers across the globe.

River Monsters presents some incredible creatures, explaining their stories, history and place in the natural world whilst confirming or debunking myths along the way.

Jeremy Wade gets himself into some nail-bitingly risky situations, taking his love of angling to the dangerous side of the spectrum, but with dazzling results.

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