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Complex and gritty crime gang drama with as many battle between the members as the gang has with rival crooks and law enforcement. Watch on Five USA or on Demand 5.
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Life in a Californian motorcycle gang is the focus of the series Sons of Anarchy with its participants enthusiastically following a life of crime whilst protecting their small town from outside criminal influences.

British actor Charlie Hunnam plays Jackson ‘Jax’ Teller, the gang vice president who is increasingly troubled by the direction leader Sam Crow (Ron Perlman) is heading.

The club was started by Jax’s father John and Sam Crow, after they left the army following a stint serving in Vietnam. Jax has found his father’s journals from that time which had laid down his aims and ambitions for the club.

His father died in mysterious circumstances. He is sure that Sam Crow has a different agenda from the path laid out in the journals and enjoys the old-school method of running a motorcycle gang which involves violence, gun-running and involvement in a porn film industry.

This sets Jax on a collision course with his boss Sam, who is now married to his mother.

Sons of Anarchy is the creation of Kurt Sutter, who made his name by writing and producing the gritty and realistic police series The Shield. Viewers will find Sons of Anarchy is in the same mould.

The series also explores conflict between the Sons of Anarchy and other motorcycle gangs. For a large part of one series they head off to Northern Ireland to resolve issues with gun runners and where Jax’s kidnapped son has been taken.

Sons of Anarchy features the close-knit community of the gang, which is based in a popular garage, and how their lives progress as they try to avoid going back to prison for their criminal endeavours.

Set in Charming, a fictional town in Central Valley, California, the gang attracts the attention of the police and federal agencies as well as a violent gang of white supremacists.

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