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Watch The Big Body Squad on Channel 5

Channel 5 Provides UK Web Users with Free Coverage of the Big Body Squad

Watch the Big Body Squad on Channel 5


A shocking but fascinating glimpse behind the scenes at the jobs of those who deal with Britainís most obese people. Watch it on Channel 5 and on Demand 5

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The Big Body Squad is a reality TV show following the ambulance and medical crews who have to deal with massively obese people in the UK.

They also include the fire crews who have to lift the people from their beds and homes using specialist gear so they can be treated in hospital.

The Big Body Squad looks at the ambulance crews who have to use specially adapted ambulances to deal with this growing problem and the carers of the obese also play a leading role in explaining why people may decide to pile on weight.

The Big Body Squad follows a number of patients as they seek medical attention caused by their obesity.

In one episode, a patient develops a serious foot condition brought on by his diabetes which has been created by his weight issues. Every step he tries to take is sheer agony for him.

To make matters worse, his local ambulance service donít have a suitable vehicle to take him to hospital.

Many of the UKís supersize patients need supersize ambulances to get anywhere, particularly to hospital.

Alongside the action and drama are facts and figures about the impact obese people are now having the UK's health service.

The programme makers say that it costs three times as much to treat an obese person in the NHS as it does for someone with a healthier weight.

The Big Body Squad illustrates clearly why diabetes is now costing the NHS more than £1 million an hour.

In one programme, they visit the people who make specialist shoes for overweight people suffering with diabetes and look at the special stretchers which are being introduced to carry people weighing up to 50 stone.

If proof was needed of the UKís obesity epidemic then The Big Body Squad provides it but the programme shows the participants in a sympathetic way and reveals how our health and emergency services are adapting to cope.

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