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Watch The Chase on UK ITV Provides UK Web Users with Free Live and on Demand Viewing of the Chase on ITV Player.

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Game show where four strangers join forces to beat the ultimate opponent: the formidable Chaser. Watch on ITV and on ITV Player.




The Chase is a unique game show, pitting a team of four complete strangers against the Chaser – whose identity is concealed until the game begins.

Presented by the Bradley Walsh, each of the team of four must firstly face the Chaser, an intimidating general knowledge master, alone – answering an initial set of quick-fire questions within 60 seconds. Each correct answer amasses £1,000 in the prize fund.

Next up is the Personal Chase – the player competes against the Chaser to retain their prize money and take it back to the table to add to the team kitty. The player is offered the chance to move up or down the seven-step money board before beginning – the higher up, the greater the risk of being ‘caught’ by the Chaser, but the more money they may win.

As questions are asked, the Chase is on. Each answer the player gets wrong and the Chaser gets right, puts them one step closer to being caught. The only chance of survival is with correct answers, and potential blunders from the Chaser.

If the player triumphs, they return to the table. If they are caught, they go home and their money is lost.

Once all four players have faced the Chaser, the remaining contestants join forces to win their collective prize fund in the Final Chase, where they answer as many questions as possible in two minutes. The Chaser returns to try and exceed their correct answers – if they fail, the team leaves with their prize money and the prestige of winning the Chase.

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