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Watch The Hoarder Next Door Live on Channel 4

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Sometimes life just piles too much on some people – and they resort to filling their homes and gardens with clutter. Watch on Channel 4 and on 4OD


The world of the hoarder is explored in this show with the focus being on the efforts of a top team to help the hoarder change their ways.

Among the team is psychotherapist Stelios Kiosses who is offering a ground-breaking new approach to treating hoarders and he is aided by expert declutterers who not only want to help the hoarders but to change the way their homes look.

The Hoarder Next Door highlights a growing problem in the UK with between 2% and 5% - that’s around 1.2 million people – thought to be hoarders.

Obviously, this is a disorder which takes place behind closed doors, but the team behind The Hoarder Next Door manage to find some incredible stories.

The Hoarder Next Door will give each subject an intensive six-week course of psychotherapy, practical help and also alternative therapies.

In order to help them, The Hoarder Next Door also introduces hoarders to other hoarders who are trying to bring their habit under control.

Among those featured in the programme are people who hoard books, toys and magazines – they have never literally thrown any of these items away in their lives.

There’s also the Christmas obsessive who now has a vast collection of festive decorations but most of them are inaccessible, along with out of date food, several trees and freezers full of food.

One bachelor has a five-story house filled with 29 years of newspapers while another woman has collected – and kept – toys since she was a child.

Another man has let his love of vehicle repairs take over his home and another woman has spent £45,000 on impulse buys which go unused and forgotten in her home – the situation is so bad the family have to prepare their food on an ironing board.

Broadcast by Channel 4, there are episodes available on the 4oD on-demand video service.

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