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Watch The Mimic on Channel 4

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A small, ordinary man who escapes his humdrum existence to live life big through his ability to mimic stars and celebrities. Watch on Channel 4 and on 4OD.

The Mimic tells the story of an ordinary maintenance man who has the incredible ability to mimic voices.

He is called Martin Hurdle and with few friends he uses his uncanny ability for mimicry to hilarious effect.

For instance, on his drive to work one morning, viewers would be startled to hear famous radio DJ Terry Wogan announce that he wished he was back in Phuket ‘bouncing a ladyboy on each knee’.

Except it isn’t Terry – it’s Martin trying liven up his journey!
Martin’s life is uneventful and he sticks with his dead-end job with a chemical company and, even though he hates every moment of it he has managed to be employed for seven years.

However, his world is potentially turned upside down when finds he could be the father of an 18-year-old son he has never been told about.

Before the two meet up, Martin is determined to make a good impression and rather than appear to be working in a dead-end job he decides to ask for a promotion – for the first time ever.

Needless to say he doesn’t get the promotion he desperately wants so he imitates his boss on the work’s Tannoy system as an act of revenge.

The Mimic is funny and heart-warming in equal measure with Martin’s ability to imitate many voices largely hidden from most people. To an extent, his ability to imitate just about everyone he meets makes up for the lack of friends and social life he has.

He only has two friends: Jean and the local newsagent who is obsessed with the voices Martin can produce.

The Mimic looks at how impending fatherhood could propel Martin into a new life and give him the boost he desperately needs – but how will the changing situation affect his mimicry?

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