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Watch Would I Lie To You? on UK BBC TV

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Comics and celebrities tell some tall stories in the vein of Call My Bluff. Watch on BBC1 and on BBC iPlayer

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Some of the biggest names in comedy have appeared on this popular BBC1 panel show in which participants have to tell lies or the truth - while the opposing team decides which.

Would I Lie to You? also attracts well-known faces from other parts of showbiz, including children's TV, and is presented by comedian and actor Rob Brydon.

The two team captains are comedian Lee Mack and comedy actor David Mitchell.

Members of the two teams tell revealing and embarrassing stories about themselves but only some are true with the opposing team asking questions to elicit the truth.

The show begins with 'home truths' in which panellist have to read out a statement from a card which they haven't seen before. They have no idea whether their statement is going to be true or not until it has been read aloud.

This means those taking part must think quickly on their feet and have a poker-expression when being questioned.

That is followed by 'This is my ' and features a guest who knows one of the panellists and the opposing team has to work out which one is the friend or acquaintance from the outrageous and wholly unbelievable scenarios put forward.

Would I Lie to You? ends with a quick fire round against the clock with a panellist chosen at random to read out a card or to discuss what might, or might not be, a personal possession of theirs.

Those guessing correctly win a point for their team with an incorrect guess seeing the opposing team win a point.

It doesn't really matter since the scores are difficult to follow and are not announced until the very end.

Would I Lie to You? is regularly repeated, as are compilation shows of the best bits, by the BBC and also on Dave with the recent episodes available on the BBC iPlayer.

For those who have never seen Would I Lie to You?, be prepared for some genuinely hilarious moments in one of the best comedy game shows on TV.

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