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Watch The Secret Millionaire Live on Channel 4

4OD from Channel 4 Provides UK Web Users with Free On-Demand Coverage of the Secret Millionaire.

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The wealthy pose as documentary makers to uncover deserving individuals and causes before making gifts that change lives. Watch on Channel 4 and 4OD.


The Secret Millionaire is a show with a massive feel-good factor as viewers watch a millionaire opting to go undercover to help people in dire financial need.

The millionaire turns up in the neighbourhood on the pretence of making a documentary and no-one knows that he or she is a millionaire with an ulterior motive to help them.

Over the coming days, the millionaire gets a feel about how the community works and who is doing more than usual and which organisation may need their help.

The millionaires donít get to spend their time in luxury hotels and instead must live in flats or houses in the community which is an effective way of showing some of the poor housing people have to live in.

The programme moves around the UK though most of those taking part tend to head to their home towns.

The rich people featured in the programme have worked hard throughout their lives and have done very well for themselves.

The Secret Millionaire has seen many participants doing great work in areas of deprivation with many community groups particularly benefiting from generous donations to help their work.

Among those featured is world-famous poker player Andrew Feldman who is the youngest millionaire to take part at the age of 24 after he went undercover in Bradford to help the community.

Philip Johnston also helped to support children who have been taken into care after going undercover in Swansea where he was given up for adoption at six weeks old.

The premise of The Secret Millionaire is to not only show the generosity of the millionaires taking part, but also of those being watched which feature people giving up time and effort to help people less well off than themselves.

In most cases, the millionaires are struck by the dedication and commitment of volunteers to help in their community and so finding worthwhile recipients of donations is fairly easy to come by.

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