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Watch You’ve Been Framed on UK ITV Provides UK Web Users with Free Live and on Demand Viewing of You’Ve Been Framed on ITV Player.

Live Free You've Been Framed on ITV Website


You’ve Been Framed is a classic TV show bringing back-to-back moments of laughter to brighten life with real life clangers from authentic home video submissions.

With clips capturing embarrassing, unexpected and sometimes unusual behaviour from people and animals, they all have one thing in common - a huge dose of shamelessly childish comedy.

At one time famously fronted by Jeremy Beadle and now narrated by funny-man Harry Hill, home videos depict crazy pets, wedding bloopers, funny sports incidents, and all other of life’s unpredictable comedy moments captured by with the magic of home video.

With many clips dating back to the days of VHS, You’ve Been Framed has a wonderfully nostalgic charm as well as an indulgent sense of escapism. Funny across the generations, it’s guaranteed to have kids, parents and grandparents laughing as dogs run around in circles, men faint at the altar, bikes career headlong into fields of unsuspecting sheep and goats steal toupees. Yes, it really can be that random. Anything goes in the calamity land of You’ve Been Framed!

If you’re looking for pure family entertainment without the need for too much viewing effort, You’ve Been Framed makes perfect light hearted viewing for all. And if you have your own home video moments, be sure to submit them to the show and share the moment!

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